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CAD – Titanic Plans


1912 – 2012

New Planversion for the 100. Anniversary

Now with all Rivets!


(C) Copyright 2012 Robert Hahn-All Rights Reserved

These plans are THE tool for the skilled modeler who has the wish to build a most accurate model of the RMS Titanic, for display or radio controlled. 

The plans are the "state of the art" in Titanic research and are drawn with a CAD-program to ensure high quality. I offer the plans in different versions and scales.

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Titanic Semi-Kit


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(C) Copyright 2012 Robert Hahn-All Rights Reserved


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(C) Copyright 2014 Dan Reed-All Rights Reserved


In the scale 1:144 is a semi kit available which will have a total length of more then 6 feet when finished. Dan Reed from the USA has produced a high quality fibre glass hull for the Titanic in the scale 1/144. Together with the hull, you can order a set which consist of all 4 funnels and the 16 main lifeboats. All parts are made directly from the HAHN'S TITANIC PLANS and fit therefore 100 % to them.

This gives modellers with no experiences in hull building and those who want to avoid the time taking process to build a hull the possibility to start quick and easy with their model.

Additional to the hull an extensive set with photo etch parts are available, which consists of all windows, doors, gratings, ladders, and many many more. Also in stock is a CNC-milled wall set and a CNC-printed wooden deck set. The wall set consists off all walls, for all deck houses, their roofs, the walls of A-, B- and C-deck, the outer screen on A- and B-deck as well as many other flat parts of the ship. The wooden deck set is made of real wood with all planks and tiny deck details printed onto the wood.

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Original Builders’ Plans from Olympic, Titanic and Britannic


Have a look on some of the original builder’s plans from the three sisters that were used to create the HAHN'S TITANIC PLANS.

See many plans which were not published in the internet before.



Titanic Colorization


(C) Copyright 2012 Robert Hahn-All Rights Reserved

This print shows Titanic’s starbordside as a colorization of the CAD plan in a handy format of 100 x 35 cm ( 39.3" x 13.7"). It is therefore very suitable for framing. Now available again.

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Titanic General Arrangement Plans


(C) Copyright 2012 Bruce Beveridge-All Rights Reserved

Titanic General Arrangement Plans in 1/350

For the first time ever you can look inside the Titanic’s hull and envision how she may have looked from the passenger and crew’s viewpoint. The Titanic General Arrangement plan covers each deck in magnificent detail, showing doors, furniture, alleyways, machinery and even the individual portholes for every part of the ship. With the frame numbers indicated for each deck, this offering is quit literally an overload of information. 

Drawn by Titanic historian Bruce Beveridge. These plans are for the Titanic enthusiast, but also helpful for the modeller who wish to show the inside of his Titanic model. 

To build a scale model, these plans alone are not recommended. Shipping for customers outside USA comes from Germany.

Titanic-Models in 1/144
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