The CNC-wall set in 1/144
for the Titanic semi-kit

made by Robert Hahn / Germany

The set consists off all walls, for all deck houses, their roofs, the walls of A-, B- and C-deck, the outer screen on A- and B-deck as well as many other flat parts of the ship. The following pictures show some of them ready build. (Note, you will have to build these houses on your own!)






The parts are milled directly with the CAD data from the plans on our new 3-axis CNC mill and fit 100 % to the plans and to each other.

All windows are cut out with high precision, better as any high skilled so called “professional” modeller would be able to do on his own.


You will receive 13 plates with a total area of 22 sq feet. More than 400 parts are on these plates with an amount of more as 800 cut-outs for windows, doors, portholes and other.



The parts are made of polystyrene and can be easily cut, sanded and glued with normal plastic glue.



With the set comes also a plate with all windows cut into transparent plastic. These “glasses” will be pressed into the walls. Then, with the frames of the photo etch set applied to the glass; the walls will look as real as possible in this scale.


Price: € 495.00 plus S&H
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Shipping and Handling costs are listed here.